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All screening tools are just that – screening. They do not give a diagnosis that only a professional can give, only an indication of trouble.  If anything you read in these pages causes you to wonder about yourself, a family member, or a friend, come to the Chicago Christian Counseling Center for an initial consultation session with one of our professional staff. 

When dealing with addictive behaviors, you may ask yourself, “do healthy people wonder if they have a drug/alcohol problem?”  “Do healthy people wonder if they have a sexual addiction?” When dealing with addictive behavior, it’s important to have an evaluation rather than to try yourself to ascertain the severity of the problem.


Wonder if you’re depressed….this link has several respected screening tools:

If you are concerned about your own, or a family member’s sexual behavior:

Screening for Bipolar:

Screening for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder):

Wondering if you are manic? Mania Screening:

If you wondering whether you need help with an abusive relationship, take this screening quiz for domestic violence:

Other online screening tests: Screening Tests

If you are still wondering if you might be an alcoholic, good screening tests may be found at the link below. If you answer the questions truthfully, you will get some insight into the extend of your problem.

For information on drug abuse/dependence:

To screen for eating disorders:

Screening for Adult ADD/ADHD:

To screen for childhood ADHD:

Myers-Briggs/Jung Personality Test:

Environmental Sensitivities: